Universal Aluminum Click and Slide Profile System

This product is great for DIY because of its quick and easy installation; not to mention simple and even FUN to install profiles. The results look amazing without any visible screws or marks. Most importantly it is 4x faster to install than any other competitor on the market. This product serves contractors as means to save time, money, and manpower. In a matter of hours customer will achieve a custom design that fit their needs by choosing our specialized systems. To top it off, Aluminum is also very lightweight, eliminating the tedious heavy lifting up flights of stairs or needing a second hand.



Simply install the rails to the wall and simply just press and click on the aluminum profiles.

Make sure to click it on and not slide it in.


Our slide system is just as easy, one portion of the universal profile would be drilled in with screws; as the following profile slides in on top and cover the screws of the one beneath it. This provides a very sleek, sealed, modern, and clean finish.


Railings & Trim



Easy to install on to any flat surface as the foundation. Use on doors, beams, pergolas, walls, ceilings, and fences.

Can also be used to create a privacy wall to keep areas hidden discretely such as laundry rooms, pool pumps, etc.

Lightweight and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Intended to seamlessly seal spaces between each piece, for a finished clean look. Very easy profile to carry and install.

Features 2 design options based on preference.


This 45 degrees angle is designed to give corners a complete, finished look. Side closures hide the cross sections of the profile. Creates a clean and beautiful closure to the cladding surface.