At GTO Aluminum, our objective is to lead the aluminum sector while providing environmentally sustainable, quick & easy decorative options for residential or commercial structures.


GTO Aluminum is proud to introduce the Universal Aluminum Click Profile System, a line of innovative products that provides a variety of solutions for fast and decorative cladding.

It's a quick and easy way to design your house inside and out. With the help of Click Profile Systems, you can even build gates, fences, pergolas, and decks yourself that will perfectly match the shape of your windows and doors. All aluminum and not iron or wood. Our manufacturing facility has been the leader in this field since 1993, and after an overwhelming success in Europe and the Middle East, we’ve begun the process of establishing our new facility in the USA. All of our products have been carefully developed by expert Industrial and Architectural Engineers with over 20 years of experience in their fields. We pride ourselves on employing the best Industry and Logistics Management team who are responsible for the quality of the supply chain, production line, and the warehouse and packaging.


Product Quality is our Top Priority

Not only is it a greater option for sustaining the environment, but contractors will always prefer our product over any other. You can easily lift it up a ladder because of its lightweight nature, and it requires no welding or surface prep. You save on time, money, and headache with simple solutions.
All products are fully customizable for designers to provide sleek and modern “WOW FACTOR” creations for their clients. As fun for designers to play with as building blocks are for children!

ONLY GTO Aluminum own these groundbreaking solutions to ALL your needs! A dream come true for all contractors and designers.

How can you not love it?!

Asset 12

Light Weight

Extremely durable easy to work on high surface.
Asset 11

Easy Fix!

Effortlessly replace damaged profiles
Asset 16

Sustainable Material of the Future

75% of all aluminum ever created is still in use today
Asset 14

No need for welding

Keeps work simple cut, click, & done
Asset 13

No surface preparation required

Makes workload easy to get started on, making installation time shorter
Asset 15

Electrostatic powder coating

Easy to clean & no stains or chips